Success Stories: Everything you need to know to generate B2B leads successfully

We are Leadvolution. A is a team of experienced B2B experts who have successfully run lead generation campaigns for several B2B world market leaders through LinkedIn and Facebook and generated hundreds of high-quality leads in just a few weeks.

The Viral Circle: Using your satisfied customers to scalably generate new customers via social media videos

The Viral Circle: Wie Sie mit 100% remote produzierten Video Testimonials neue Kunden gewinnen

How can cancelled fairs convert into a sales opportunity for B2B marketers 

With the cancelled trade fairs, there is an urgent short-term need for digital alternatives. Social Media offers short-term solutions with up to 500 leads / month.

Cross Selling and Up selling Case Study: How a leading mechanical engineering company generated over 4 million sales service potential with 1 LinkedIn campaign

Services and add-on modules are an attractive channel for additional revenue for many industrial and engineering companies. Traditionally, these sales are made through personal visits and mailings.…

New Customer Acquisition Case Study: How a Classic B2B Company Generated Over 400 Real Leads via LinkedIn

Companies in engineering industry typically generate leads through traditional channels, fairs, or sales representatives. In this article, you will learn how leading mid-sized market companies have…

ReThink180 ™: Increase click and conversion rates in B2B social media campaigns by 50-300%

Many B2B companies fail to get good results from social media campaigns. Typically, social media campaigns only bring them very few and expensive leads. In this article, we will show you how to fix…

B2B Marketing Strategy 2020? 5 Proven Approaches for Fast Success

The fourth quarter is here, and it is time for B2B marketers to once again come up with next year’s strategy and allocate the budget accordingly. In this article, we present you with five proven…