SUMMARY: Many B2B companies do not accomplish satisfactory results in social media campaigns. They often get very few and expensive leads. Read in this article how you can realize maximum click-through rates in social media campaigns, achieve conversion rates of 5-20% and in this way generate many relevant B2B leads in a globally scalable way. We evaluate your individual challenges in a free expert consultation.

About Leadvolution

Leadvolution is one of the most experienced social media B2B marketers in Europe with over 140 advertising setups for fast growing startups, exciting SMEs and over 25 global market leaders. Within 4-6 weeks we build a globally scalable social media lead generation for very specific & complex B2B target groups for clients, generating up to 500 leads/month. Read More

About Leadvolution

Leadvolution is one of the most experienced social media B2B marketers in Europe with over 140 advertising setups for fast growing startups, exciting SMEs and over 25 global market leaders. Within 4-6 weeks we build a globally scalable social media lead generation for very specific & complex B2B target groups for clients, generating up to 500 leads/month. Read More

The problem: B2B companies often struggle with low click-through rates and a disappointing number of leads in social media campaigns

Most B2B companies communicate on their website from the “I” perspective. They respond to questions such as “Who are we?”, “What products/services are available?” and “What are the features of these products?”. This approach is usually also used stringently on social media. And that’s why many campaigns fail.

Why is that? In the social media newsfeed, a post or an advertisement receives a maximum attention span of five seconds when scrolling through. With the “classic” approach, the customer is required to put a lot of effort into finding out for himself why the offered product offers him added value or which of his problems the product solves. Social media users usually do not want to invest this work, lose interest and then go on scrolling. As a result, hardly any leads are generated.

The cause is usually not the complexity of the product, but the communication

In response to disappointing performance, agencies often provide reasons such as “in the B2B sector, many contacts are necessary before a lead is generated”, “with complex B2B products, it is difficult to generate leads directly via campaigns” and so on. Instead, results figures such as awareness, reach and length of stay on landing pages are used.

If a B2B prospect has recognized that there is an attractive solution for a problem that is important to him, he will hardly be deterred from contacting the company. He will immediately request more information and not wait for several follow-up contacts. The cause, therefore, is usually simply that the recipient is not given a clear, concise explanation of his opportunity or added value.

ReThink180™ explains to customers in 15-30 seconds why your product makes sense for them and creates the desire for more information

In social media, the user’s situation must be taken into account when addressing them. Ads should primarily generate interest, not fully inform or explain.

With the Rethink180™ methodology developed by Leadvolution, argumentative approaches can be systematically established that explain to the user in the shortest possible way why the product in question makes sense to them personally and generate the realization that they should request more information.

In this way, it has been proven that 50 to 300% higher click and conversion rates can be achieved than with previous campaigns. And not through intrusive, empty advertising messages or clickbaiting, but through information that is relevant to the customer, offers real added value and thus generates sustained interest.

In a systematic process, the user's perspective is analyzed - various argumentations ("messaging") are identified, which provide ideas for all content types

In order to analyse the perspective, you should proceed systematically in 4 steps:

  1. Explore all relevant pain points for your target group that you can solve with your product.
  2. Then nail down the consequences that result from the pain points, each for specific job profiles that you would like to reach within your specific target group.
  3. Then you quantify the results that your target group can achieve with your product, define buying obstacles and identify arguments to overcome them in your communication.
  4. Finally, collect references to your company.

From these points, an argumentation (a “messaging”) can be developed that, in contrast to a general “awareness” text, has a high relevance for your target group, generates direct product interest and, incidentally, delivers real and sustainable branding. Reason: The customer can link the now learned product added value with your company name.

You can use this messaging not only as a storyline for social media ads, but also for any content, for example blog articles, testimonials, “Always on” posts, videos, trade fair content, or lead ads. Do you need a new idea? Then select any pain point, provide it with an example and derive the further storyline for your content directly from it.

A ReThink180™ messaging generates more successful first sales contacts through higher buying interest

Getting the message of an ad clearly to the point has another advantage: the lead quality increases. If the customer already understands the added value he can achieve with a product, this generates genuine product interest. Such a lead is much more valuable for sales than someone who was only interested in a generally informative white paper.

Last but not least, communication oriented towards the customer’s problems or added value makes sense on all channels. You should therefore use social media in combination with ReThink180™ to improve communication on all channels in a data-driven way. The reach of B2B websites usually is too small for A/B testing to deliver truly meaningful results statistically. On LinkedIn, you can test several ads with different communication approaches with a high number of impressions and use the most successful message on the website and other channels as well. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about ReThink180™.

Tools from LinkedIn & Facebook enable short, convenient registration processes

Generally, B2B companies spend a lot of money on elaborate landing pages for their campaigns. However, users who arrive at these pages through social media are usually in restless situations with a lot of external interferences – such as on the bus, in a restaurant, while waiting for an appointment, etc. – or just want to distract themselves and relax. If these social media users are now supposed to load a new website, orient themselves there and fill out a form, companies consequently often achieve very low conversion rates of less than 0.5 percent.

Pre-filled lead ad forms on LinkedIn and Facebook take the user’s current situation into account and make it possible to request further information with just one click. That’s the way how B2B marketer achieve conversion rates of 5 to 20 per cent – without having to create a landing page.

This is particularly exciting for pilot projects, as coordination loops and creation effort are significantly reduced and meaningful success data is generated in just a few weeks, which is worth its weight in gold in internal discussions. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn to arrange an expert call on what such a pilot project could look like for your company.

Conclusion: For B2B companies, it pays to develop content from the customer’s perspective. The ReThink180™ method developed by Leadvolution helps to create concrete content in a very targeted manner in a short time, to stir high interest and to achieve significant registration rates.

The content produced in this process can help improve contact rates not only on social media, but on all channels. In addition, tools specific to the needs of social media, such as lead ads, should be used to ensure high registration rates once interest has been generated.

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