B2B Lead Generation via Social Media

Looking for fast, measurable results? In a pilot project we deliver relevant B2B-leads via social media within 6 weeks.

Most B2B companies are still using only a friction of the potential of social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Today it is possible – even for very specific B2B niches like e.g. pharma packaging, CNC-tooling or AI-based software – to generate hundreds of valuable leads each month. Easily scalable to your needs and perfect for pushing your international business.

We can ramp up a pilot project in 6 weeks to show your sales team the potential of digital channels in hard numbers.

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Pragmatic Digitization

You would like to own a state-of-the-art B2B digital lead generation infrastructure?

Why spend big budgets on strategy projects for digitization in marketing if you can have a fully functional digital B2B marketing infrastructure delivered right to your doorstep?

Audiences & campaign templates

We set up advertising accounts in LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for you with customized audiences & campaign templates that can be used to generate leads again & again & again. By the way: Are your ad accounts & audiences currently owned by you or your agency?

CRM Integration & Lead Nurturing

Stop working with Excel sheets. We import generated leads right into your CRM so you don't have to move a finger. You don't have a CRM? No problem, we can set up a lean, efficient toolset including automated email funnels for you that allow a quick start .

B2B Retargeting

You want to reach your specific B2B Audience via all digital channels?

It is a paradoxon: if your CSO sees a lead not being followed up properly by his team he freaks out. But if someone visits the website to get information and is then never contacted again it is considered as totally normal. This is schizophrenic - since website visitors are a very valuable target group.

Today it is technically very easy to contact people again with your content (invitation for trade fairs or webinars, white papers, new product announcements etc.) via all channels e.g. LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Google Display or even Instagram.

We can help you to start collecting these valuable audiences on short notive.

I would like to start building retargeting audiences

" I have been wondering for a long time why retargeting is so little used in the B2B sector. It's nice that a top marketeer like Hannes Fehr is now developing the subject. "


B2B Reporting

You would like to know if your campaigns pay back?

Usually the reporting is done via Google Analytics or similar software. This measures the cost per lead perfectly. But: this does not at all reflect the quality of the leads.

Budget allocation based on these number can easily lead to wrong budget decisions (generating many leads of low quality instead of generating the maximum number of revenue opportunities out of your precious media budget).

We can help implementing a ROI-based measurement system that reflects the special needs in B2B business.

I want to measure the ROI of my B2B-campaigns
Lead Qualification

Is your organization capable of handling several hundred digital leads?

Generating more leads via digital channels is nice. But in most cases we see that sales department are prepared to handle their usual rather few but highly interested leads – and are unable to cope with many early funnel leads that are generated via digital lead generation.

Lead qualification

Our team can help to further research, qualify and score the leads that were generated via our digital campaigns. So your sales team has all required information already available in your CRM.

Lead Nurturing

Contacting early funnel leads often feels unconfortable for classic, traditional B2B Sales staff. We can take over and pre-qualify the leads even further so your team is only getting the "hot leads" that they are used to.

Hannes Fehr: Leading Expertise in B2B.

  • 15+ years experience in digital business. Leading positions in media companies (e.g. Tomorrow Focus, Gruner+Jahr etc.) and serial entrepreneur.
  • One of the most experienced German marketers for B2B lead generation.
  • Over 20 B2B Marketing setups for fast growing B2B startups as well as for large B2B enterprises > 2bn € turnover.
  • Official B2B Marketing Guide & B2B Dinner host & speaker @Online Marketing Rockstars, Host & Speaker @Hannover Messe B2B Marketing Executive Dinner series, Offizieller „XING Insider“ for B2B Marketing.
  • Marketing & BizDev Mentor at several high-class startup-accelerators (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Axel Springer, Telekom etc.).
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